Episode 8

Published on:

11th Nov 2020

From Space to Seaplanes : NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave

Steve and Abbie sit down with NASA astronaut Story Musgrave immediately after he successfully completed his check ride for the Single-Engine Sea rating.

SPA Lifetime Member and Seaplane Pilot Foundation donor Story Musgrave is the first astronaut to appear on the “Water Flying” podcast. 

You will enjoy our discussion with a truly remarkable aviator. Story has flown more than 170 different types of aircraft, he is the only astronaut to fly all five space shuttle aircraft, he fixed the Hubble telescope, and he has flown more than 25 million miles in orbit around our planet.

We are honored to have Story Musgrave, the newest member of the seaplane pilot fraternity, as our guest on the “Water Flying” podcast.

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