Episode 17

Published on:

14th Jun 2023

Invasive Species Friendly Float Pump For Seaplanes

Whether we want to discuss it or not, having seaplane owners and operators being the best possible stewards of the environment is not an optional topic. The spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) is not limited to the waters of the United States, aquatic ecosystems arounds the world are being infected by non-native aquatic invaders.

Sid Pinney from Turbo Float Pump has been working with the Seaplane Pilots Association for over two years on the topic of this episode, the "Turbo Float Pump." This cordless drill powered float pump actually includes a field replaceable filter that allows seaplane pilots to pump their floats without risking the discharge of any aquatic invasive species.

The Turbo Float Pump is a great development that will help SPA and seaplane pilots continue to prove that:

1) We care about the environment

2) We are committed to proactively addressing the threat of AIS to our waterways

3) We are working to ensure that we are matching and/or exceeding the efforts that are being asked of other users groups like the boating community

Aquatic Invasive Species are second only to Safety issues at SPA, as they have become our largest threat to water access, so we highly encourage all seaplane pilots to stay informed on this topic and listen to this episode.


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